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About DMDG

DMDG is a family owned business with the Vision of becoming the leading beauty distribution company in California. Our Mission is to empower through education, and provide to hair stylists, and salon owners with exceptional high-quality products so they can create and maintain the beauty in every hair.

"We currently are the proud authorized distributor of these high quality Brands represented in our Shop Section"

We carry top brands, some with more than 25 years in the industry, from Europe, Mexico and much more.

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Ialuronic Fluid 100ml

Oil that concentrates the properties of hyaluronic acid, argan oil, hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed keratin, providing
nutrition, hydration, softness and shine. To provide shine apply it on dry.

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Hydrokeratin Shampoo 250 ml

Shampoo for dry and chemically damaged hair. Contains Hydrolized Keratin and it has been enriched with amino acids which bind to the natural hair keratin reinforcing the hair shaft. Directions: apply the necessary amount and gently massage. Rinse well and if required repeat the operation.

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Deluxe Prime 260ML/8.79FL.OZ

TRUSS’ top selling product is a versatile protein
infused spray that restores devitalized, fragile, damaged and chemically treated hair. It detangles the hair leaving it soft and silky. Can be used as a treatment (after the shampoo and before the conditioner) as a leave-in or a pre-blowout lotion.

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Shampoo tonico 300ml

Treating shampoo for weak hair, thin thin and without volume. Combines protein and botanical elements (TRICONE-TRICOERBA).

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Be Your Own Kind of Beauty

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